(The tips below have been proven for the HTC Android phones, particularly the HTC Desire HD and Sensation Phones with HTC Sense, with all updates applied).

Album art not showing for HTC Sense music Player


Wipe the media library database from the phone...

Settings -> Manage Applications -> Media Storage -> clear data

Then power down and reboot. The music app will now rebuild its database.


Failing this, the album art stored in the MP3 ID meta tags may not be compatible. So with the newer versions of HTC sence (ie: with HTC Sensation), you can download the album art from Gracenote.

To do this, go int the music player, select the album, start playing a song - and then Menu -> Update album art

Streaming music from Android to Car Stereo

Don't mess about with wires and plugs - just get a bluetooth stereo that supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). Stereos that support the iphone will usually be ok for Android phones too. You can get car stereos online for $100 with this functionality.

You will need to pair the phone to your Car stereo bluetooth.

What is cool about this is that your phone will kill the music if a phone call comes in.

Streaming music from Android to PC

(Testing a Blue tooth USB dongle - we'll let you know)

Playing PC music on Android

This is done easily with Windows 7 Media Player v12 and the HTC Sensation.

Step 1: Have both PC and Android connected to the same WIFI network.

Step 2: Open the music app on the Android.

Step 3: Go to the Album listing, or Artist listing.

Step 4: Click on the "My Library" drop down (near the top) and select "Media Servers". It will search for Windows 7 media servers.

Step 5: Select your PC media server.