With Windows7, sometimes your SD Card will become "write protected". Although you can copy files from the card, you won't be able to store new files or delete files on the SD Card.

From time to time, we found this happening with our Camera SD cards. The Camera can still delete files, but the Windows PC could not do the same. Even a cheap extrenal Card readers could delete and add files, but the laptop inbuild Card reader would insist that the Crad was locked!

There is sometimes a lock switch on the SD card. However, the lock switch in our case was set to unlock.

To fix, insert the SD card into your Laptop SD card slot and follow the following steps...

Step 1: Open the CMD window (search for CMD)

Step 2: Type...


Step 3: In the dispart window, type...

list disk

Step 4: Look for the disk taht is your SD Card. Careful to select the correct one. For us it is Disk 2...

select disk 2

Step 5: Type in..

attributes disk clear readonly

You should then get the message "Disk attributes cleared successfully"

sdcard writeprotection 1

Step 6: Exit Diskpart...


Step 7: Eject your SD Card physically, then insert it again. You should now be able to write to it.