This only effects Internet Explorer users.

Microsoft has disabled the HTTP authorisation in their browser Internet Explorer (IE) . This prevents users from automatically logging into password protected sites. Because of this, sometimes links that require authorisation will not function.

Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome browsers are not effected - these browser continue to use the HTTP authorisation standard.

There are two ways around this...

METHOD 1 - Updating your Windows Registery to enable http authorisation for IE.

STEP 1: Click on this file iefix.reg and then click "Run".

STEP 2: Click YES for the Registry Editor Question box "Are you sure you want to add the information in ..."

STEP 3: Restart Internet Exporer

(You only need to do this once per computer.)


METHOD 2 - Use another browser other than Internet Explorer

  • We recommend Firefox - It is free and conforms to the WWW standards. You can download it here.