Believe it or not, different internet browsers will show web pages in different ways. This is due to various browser makers making their own interpretation of the HTML and CSS standards. Unfortunately, Microsoft with their Internet Explorer has sometimes done their own thing - particularly with IE6, but their latest browser IE9 is getting in line with the other contenders. This means that webpages on IE6 will look different on IE9 (depending on how you write the webpage).

It is difficult to make a complex webpage to suit all browsers and make use of all the latest bells and whistles. So we target our designs to display on the popular browsers at the time. Hence browser usage statistics is a useful tool.

For more info visit our Flash and HML5 page.

The following are StatCounter statistics that are directly derived from hits (not unique visitors) from 3 million sites using StatCounter totaling more than 15 billion hits per month...


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