The Bandwidth we measure is the data that is downloaded from the website. It is not the data stored on the website.

When a customer looks at your page, they use up a bit of bandwith. As your company grows, your website may get a lot more hits, and you may need more bandwith.

How do I know how much bandwith I need?

When we quote a project, we usually take into consideration how much bandwidth you need. This is a factor on what hosting plan we will offer.

How do I know when I'm running out of Bandwidth?

We keep an eye on the Bandwith used on a daily basis. When it is running low, we will contact you. We can then take steps in upgrading your hosting plan to one with more bandwidth.

What happens when I run out of Bandwidth?

When you run out of bandwidth, your site will cease to function. The site will return to normal when the monthly cycle is complete.

Steps to reducing Bandwidth

Reduce Number of Files

Reduce the number of files on your site so that there is less things for your customers to download. This may mean using less video, photos or documents on your site.

Ask youself - "Do I really want to pay for people to download this video?"

Reduce the Resolution (File Size)

Reduce the resolution of your video or photos.

When putting a video or photo on site, ask yourself  "Does it really need to be high resolution?"

Your photos don't need to be a mile high and a mile wide if the user is only going to see it in a small browser window. 
Also note that the higher the resolution of your files, the longer it will take for users to download - so normally we reduced the resolution right down.