Antivirus 2009 and ProAntispyware 2009 are fake antivirus software. The program is the virus (well actually its Malware) - and they take money from unsuspecting users to remove it.

You you have this program installed on your PC - remove it immediately. It contains trojan virus tha

Once installed it is difficult to remove.

But there are some excellent antispy programs out there that will do the trick.

Our favorite for getting rid of these nasties is SUPERAntispyware. You can download it for Free at

When you download SUPERAntispyware, install it and do a full scan of your system.

You'll probably need to reboot and rescan a few times to be sure.

Once your system is cleaned - we recommend AVG antivirus.

Update 2010.

Here is another Antivirus scam. This fake antivirus is installed by a trojan.


Tips for removal: